This is a site for Courant's undergraduate course in Numerical Analysis.

Fall 2019: MATH 252-001 Numerical Analysis

Course info

Instructor: Charles Puelz
Location and Time: Tues and Thurs, 11-1215pm, CIWW 321
Office hours: Tues and Wed, 5-6pm, CIWW 905
TA: Tristan Goodwill. Session is held Fri, 11-1215pm, CIWW 201
Graders: Runxi Bai and Shuang Guan
Syllabus: syllabus.pdf

We will be working mainly from the book An Introduction to Numerical Analysis by Suli and Mayers. Also, have a look at Trefethen and Bau’s book: Numerical Linear Algebra.

Tentative schedule

I’ll post pdfs of my notes, along with some sample Matlab codes. Some of the codes are from Georg Stadler… thanks!


Assignment 1, due Sept. 26, assignment1.pdf, solutions_hw1.pdf.
Assignment 2, due Oct. 15 (please turn in to my mailbox), assignment2.pdf, solutions_hw2.pdf.
Assignment 3, due Oct. 24, assignment3.pdf, solutions_hw3.pdf. Assignment 4, due Nov. 14, assignment4.pdf.

Practice exam

Spring 2019 midterm, midterm_spring2019.pdf.

The figure on the left is from this Wikipedia page for a Newton fractal. It is a fractal created by applying Newton’s method to a complex valued function.

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